• Next Generation Development & Education

    Whether the owner’s children or relatives remain in the business after transition or not, they can benefit significantly from one-on-one mentoring with experienced business leaders, who understand the distinctive challenges family businesses face, as owners or operators.

    The Predictable Futures team offers coaching and mentoring – either broad in scope, or designed for specific challenges – aimed at getting the next generation ready for success.

    When there’s potential for the next generation to succeed the firm’s current leader, mentoring is often the key success factor in grooming the younger leader for a greater organizational role.

  • Family Councils, Systems & Meetings

    Family dynamics can spread deep dysfunction within a company. We deal with these risks and pitfalls every day with an arsenal of tools that allow us to spot issues early and resolve them quickly, saving you time, money and heartache.

    Family businesses operate at a fast pace, often with thin teams, so it’s common to have neither time, nor resources to foster good communication skills and processes. A lack of, or bad communication creates confusion, conflict, tears and turmoil. Your company’s culture and family dynamics must be based on clear communication and trust in order to move forward.

    Predictable Futures works with families to help you understand where you’re at in the process, how your family system operates and how it can work better. Together, we then set up processes and systems to reduce confusion and conflict, allowing the family to move past roadblocks that have held you up so far.

    Creating an on-going process for dialogue is key for the family to work well together as a team–whether as owners, business leaders, or simply as a healthy, functional family.

  • Family Constitutions and Codes of Conduct

    Part of moving ahead as a family in business is to set up well-understood and commonly agreed ways of living and working together.

    We help families create ways to handle their relationships outside and inside business hours, so that when the inevitable conflict of working closely together does come up, you’ll all be equipped to deal with it constructively rather than destructively.

    Predictable Futures uses tried and tested tools to help families in this tricky area, all aimed at moving through conflict in healthy, creative ways. Turning difficulty into opportunity. Our processes keep family health at the forefront, balanced with the needs of a fully functioning, successful business.

  • Family Conflict Management & Resolution

    Sometimes family business conflicts become overwhelming and too much to handle for some of the members alone or even the whole family on its own.

    Predictable Futures has a strong team of professionals skilled in helping families move past these “sticking points”, and getting the business and their relationships back on track.

    Our process not only resolves the immediate issue, but also teaches your family how to resolve conflicts on your own, as they arise.

  • Family Boards

    Families don’t often think about purposely creating a board, but–like many companies– they often operate with an “informal board” anyway, where different family members have de-facto roles that keep the organization and family functioning.

    Predictable Futures helps organize a clearly defined family board, clarifying distinct roles and responsibilities each member agrees to contribute, to ensure the family governs the organization in a functional and healthy manner.

    We also train family members on how to guide the business better overall, ensuring there are key family players and a strategic plan in place, to steer the governance process into the future.

    Good governance minimizes risks and surprises within the family, that could otherwise derail the business.