• Advisory Boards

    Predictable Futures has helped many family businesses put together Advisory Boards, which benefit the business through mentorship, contacts, support, insight, assistance & more.

    Boards build stakeholder accountability no matter who is calling the shots–whether it’s a leadership team, the next generation, or a professional management group in charge.

    Together we explore the advantages of different types of boards particularly suited to your business.

  • Board Assembly, Structure and Membership

    Structuring a board correctly is crucial to getting value from it. You need to give the board an appropriate mandate (while preserving ownership’s ability to make major decisions), get the right people on board and set it up to ensure it’s making an impact and getting things done.

    Predictable Futures invites members to join family boards from its own vibrant business network, not only taking out the guess-work, but ensuring each member services his/her role in a way the family deserves.