• Leadership Assessment

    It’s important owners and leaders know their strengths and where they need to improve.

    Honest assessment is especially important in times of transition, where less experienced leaders are being asked to step up into key roles within the business

    Predictable Futures has the tools to help individuals and the family understand each leader’s strengths and gaps, identifying where and how they need to evolve to be successful in current and future roles.

  • Team Development

    Most family businesses operate with a core team leading the way on a day-to-day basis, yet few businesses take the time and resources to sharpen and develop individuals into fully fledged, fully functional team players.

    Predictable Futures has several tools and processes to coach and develop leadership teams in family-based businesses. Customized to suit specific needs.

    The Predictable Futures process is aimed at building the team for the future – exposing and closing gaps, leveraging strengths and building a strong team culture inside the group, leading the rest of the organization by example.

  • Leadership Coaching, Development & Mentoring

    Whether the leadership team is made up of only family members, entirely non-family members, or a hybrid, these key leaders have tremendous impact on the overall success of the business.

    Developing and training key leaders cannot be left to chance; on the job training only goes so far.

    Leadership skills can be learned theoretically in business schools and by taking courses, but that doesn’t mean the leader is able to apply them day-to-day.

    When the family business lacks key leadership skills internally, the PFI team has profound experience in leading companies, and in the meantime coaching leaders on their specific issues – aimed at sharpening their skill sets while resolving the tough business challenges they face.

    Our development process has helped many family leaders evolve to the next level of leadership and then go on to mentor others themselves, building a broader talent base within the family business’s foundation.