• Wealth Planning

    How much you are going to leave behind and for whom? is often the “elephant in the room” question for many families.

    The promise of an inheritance might be used to control…A sense of entitlement can often ruin a great venture…If you give everything to the kids the taxes could be astronomical. Whatever the situation, if you don’t plan well, it’s shocking how much the family might end up paying to inherit. Don’t let all your hard work end up in tax coffers, or worse still cause in-fighting and family break ups.

    The Predictable Futures team helps you work out how to best transfer wealth, whether to family members, the community, charity or other philanthropy. Our team is always up to date on the latest innovative and creative financial tools and strategies to preserve, protect and perpetuate what family entrepreneurs have spent a life-time accumulating (including their wisdom and their values).

  • Tax Services

    Taxation can have a huge impact on the viability of a succession plan. Sorting through the maze of death taxes, tax on a disposition, tax on compensation & tax on gifting assets is daunting. Taxes can erode an estate, impact an inheritance or seriously affect the sale of physical assets or shares.

    Predictable Futures’ team of tax experts minimizes negative impacts and actions an array of fully researched tax avoidance tools–all highly scrutinized and applied judiciously to accomplish specific goals.

  • Insurance Services

    Implementing a succession plan can often create shortages of capital or liquidity in many areas; to offset taxes, provide working capital, equalize distribution among heirs, fund shareholders agreements, offset debt or to make philanthropic or charitable contributions. Insurance can often be the most cost-effective way of creating the capital or liquidity needed at very precise times in the succession and estate planning process.

    Predictable Futures is aligned with a team of experts educated in the creative and innovative use of insurance tools to create contingencies, which protect, preserve and perpetuate family companies. Our team is also adept at creatively utilizing insurance tools to recruit and retain those quality employees and executives who are essential to the long-term health of successful family companies.